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Lucia Taboad
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Lucia Taboad

Buenos Aires City Government

Head of Staff for the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works

Lucia is currently the head of staff for the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works for the Government of the city of Buenos Aires. She has been working in the city’s administration over the last five years. During this time she has participated in a number of different teams, promoting the planning of urban public policies, leading significant projects such as the Youth Olympic Games which were carried out in Buenos Aires in 2018, and is currently involved in leading the management of transport and traffic in one of the biggest cities in Latinamerica. Nowadays, together with the Secretary, she leads the vision of creating an open, resilient and sustainable city, with mitigation and adaptation policies that seek to best prepare the city against the changes generated by climate change, not only in regards to mobility but also hydraulic resources. Lucía has a degree in administration from the Universidad Católica Argentina and has a Masters in Public Policies from the University of Manchester based in the UK.


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