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Autonomous Vehicles Financial and Budgetary Implications for Cities

March 5, 2018 1:45 PM
3:15 pm

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Cities nationwide are woefully unprepared for the advent of the AV. Their presence in a ‘city near you’ will happen far sooner than most in local government can fully prepare for. Thus, we have assembled this panel to help start the discussion on where local leaders, finance professionals, developers, and academic researchers need to start preparing for AVs within their budgetary and finance landscapes. The panel features speakers who are actively working to discover the fiscal and budgetary impacts on cities that may be the result of the introduction of the autonomous or driverless vehicle. The panel brings together municipal finance and budgetary experts from industry, government, and academia to dive into these problems from a multi-faced perspective. Local government officials and those from the finance/ credit rating industry can learn about the types of issues that will challenge cities most as AVs are introduced. Academic researchers can learn about the emerging areas of research that are beginning to be tackled, and the gaps that will continue to exist in the literature.

Benjamin Clark
PhD, Associate Professor of Public Administration
University of Oregon
Robert Summerill
PhD Candidate
Georgia State University
William Riggs
PhD, Assistant Professor
University of San Francisco, School of Management
Kerry Edinger Snodgrass
MPA '18 / Program Associate
University of Oregon / Sustainable Cities Initiative

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