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Building a Street of the Future: A Playbook of Action for Delivering Green, Complete and Smart Cities

March 6, 2018 1:30 PM
5:30 pm

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The Future Street was originally developed as a conceptual visualization of how our streets of the future could look. And then it was built, in three weeks, from concept to opening. It was a partnership between the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects, the Smart Cities Council and the Internet of Things Alliance Australia, who wanted to explore the necessary design responses to issues like autonomous vehicles, smart city technology, urban agriculture and urban landscape imperatives. In this interactive workshop, the lead design team members will work with participants to create a design concept and plan of implementation to create their own Future Street, ensuring a multi-disciplinary and multi-sector approach to re-imagine the role of their streets in the future, and advance green street, complete street, and smart street agendas together.

Adam Beck
PIA, Executive Director
Smart Cities Council Australia New Zealand
Chris Isles
PIA, Director of Planning
Place Design Group

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