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Critical Perspectives and Recent Work on the Travel Behavior Implications of Autonomous Vehicles

March 5, 2018 1:45 PM
3:15 pm


Self-driving vehicles are predicted to dramatically reshape the design and use of our transportation systems. However, it is not yet clear how people’s travel choices and behaviors will change as AVs become more prevalent, nor is it clear how to best predict and plan for those changes. In this session, scholars and practitioners will share perspectives, recent research, and simulations that examine potential travel behavior implications of AVs: increased mobility for certain populations, reduced demands for parking and car ownership, decreased generalized costs of automobile travel, and overall increases in vehicle-miles-traveled. Attendees will learn about critical academic perspectives on AV’s travel behavior implications and cutting-edge research and modeling work investigating and predicting some of these impacts.

Patrick Singleton
PhD, Assistant Professor
Utah State University
Aaron Golub
PhD, Associate Professor
Portland State University
Kelly Clifton
PhD, Professor
Portland State University
Giovanni Circella
PhD, Director, 3 Revolutions Future Mobility Program
University of California, Davis
Ron Milam
AICP, PTP, Director of Advancing the Status Quo
Fehr & Peers

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