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“I’m All For Progress, It’s Change I Don’t Like” - Pushing Past the Bias to Keep the Curb the Way It Is

May 9, 2019 9:00 AM
10:30 am

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Policies around the curb space are usually contested, with a valley present between the desire to adapt to evolving transportation technologies and uses and a bias for the status quo. As such, reassigning (or often even considering) it can be fraught for jurisdictions, in part because of the competing demands, which can be viewed as zero-sum. Fehr & Peers and Uber, who have worked together on two curb studies, will host this time to catalog perspectives and best approaches with respect to the curb. We’ve Invited representatives from several US cities to discuss how they make decisions around curb space and what the future may hold.

Eric Womeldorff
Fehr & Peers
Allison Wylie
Transportation & Mobility Policy
Hank Willson
Policy Manager, Parking & Curb Management
San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency
Evian Patterson
Associate Director, Parking and Ground Transportation Division
District Department of Transportation
Mary Catherine Snyder
Parking Strategist
Seattle Department of Transportation

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