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Nightmares and Dreams of our AV Future

March 5, 2018 12:45 PM
1:45 pm

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We already live in a time of breathtaking change and uncertainty. Technology is moving so fast we’ve barely understood its implications before it becomes almost impossible to correct it’s expressed worst possibilities. Humanity is urbanizing and personal cars dominate every decision in cities. Layer in climate change with its unrelenting warming motion (Boston broke a 112 year record on February 21 with a high of 75 degrees.) And now: the imminent appearance of self driving cars. Left to slip into our cities with existing regulations and behaviors, they are going to wreck havoc with effects that ripple throughout the economy. BUT WAIT! I’m actually filled with optimism. These vehicles are giving us a miraculous opportunity for a do-over in cities. We just have to pay attention and take charge of of this transformation. We can create a world we want to live in, sustainable and just.

Robin Chase
Zipcar, Veniam & SharedMobilityPrinciples.org

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