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Low Speed Mobility in a New World

March 5, 2018 1:45 PM
3:15 pm


Technology is hastening the disruption of an already overbuilt retail environment and transportation system. The internet, autonomous vehicles and drones, as well as technologies that have not yet been fully developed, and changing demographics, are converging on an industry that good planning has struggled to integrate for the past 60 years. Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is a harbinger of not just another disruption of the retail industry, but more importantly, a disruption of regional, local, and neighborhood planning. This session will examine how these technologies could potentially change the expectations of citizens/ consumers in such a way that renders many traditional economic development and planning paradigms ineffective and eventually, obsolete. This session will explore possible redevelopment and/or rezoning scenarios and their potential impact on the built environment, as well as their direct and indirect economic impact on local markets and economies.

Rick Stein
AICP, Principal & Owner
Urban Decision Group and Urban Mobility Research Center
Kelly Rula
New Mobility, Climate, and Urban Freight
Seattle Department of Transportation
Justin Robbins
AICP, Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Planner
Jason Sudy
National Lead
Transportation Technology Planning, HDR

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