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Urbanism Next for Elected Officials and Government Leaders – How new mobility, autonomous vehicles, e-commerce and the sharing economy impact cities

May 7, 2019 9:00 AM
4:00 pm

6.5 CM / LU Pending

Generously sponsored by the Pew Charitable Trusts and PGE.

The way people get around their communities, shop for clothes, order delivery, or even look for places to stay when traveling is radically different from how people did those things a decade ago. Rapid technological advances in the areas of automation, new mobility, e-commerce, and the sharing economy are behind these behavioral shifts, and there’s no indication that the stream of innovations around these technologies is going to dry up anytime soon. If anything, things are just getting started, and what comes next could not only change transport choices or shopping habits, but fundamentally change urban landscapes forever. This all-day workshop is designed to help decision makers understand how new mobility, autonomous vehicles, e-commerce, and the sharing economy impact land use, transportation, urban design, and real estate. Government leaders need to understand the challenges and opportunities that these technologies could bring so they can harness them to achieve community goals around equity, health, the economy, and the environment. This workshop will help decision makers understand the issues surrounding emerging technology, the questions they need to ask, the stakeholders that need to engage, and the next steps they need to take to make sure their organizations are well prepared for the changes ahead.

Nico Larco
Urbanism Next Center, University of Oregon
Leah Treat
Managing Director
Rick Stein
AICP, Principal & Owner
Urban Decision Group and Urban Mobility Research Center
Jason Sudy
National Lead
Transportation Technology Planning, HDR
Kelly Rula
New Mobility, Climate, and Urban Freight
Seattle Department of Transportation
Rebecca Lewis
PhD, Sustainable Cities Institute Research Director and Assistanct Professor of Planning
University of Oregon
Benjamin Clark
PhD, Associate Professor of Public Administration
University of Oregon
Aaron Milano
Manager, Transportation Electrification

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