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Zoning in the Era of On-Demand Land Use

May 9, 2019 1:45 PM
3:15 pm

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Since the birth of zoning and the Euclid decision, urban planners and real estate professionals have based their regulatory and investment decisions on rigid, single-definition land use categories that can be plotted on a map. But in an era where anyone can change their house into a hotel or an office space at the click of a button, cities have struggled to regulate dynamic markets when it conflicts with static land use regulations. Focusing on the short-term rental market, this session looks at how city governments have used zoning tools to shape the industry, alter housing, building code, and discrimination regulation, and ensure compliance.

Jeffrey Goodman
Director of Policy
Host Compliance
Alex Marqusee
Legislative Analyst
City of Oakland
Christopher Bledsoe
Co-Founder & CEO

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