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Anne Brown, PhD

Assistant Professor and Urbanism Next Research Director

Anne Brown is an Assistant Professor in the School of Planning, Public Policy, and Management at the University of Oregon. Her research examines the intersection of equity, shared and innovative mobility, travel behavior, and transportation finance. Anne has published on a range of transportation equity topics including discrimination in new mobility, redefining car access with ride-hailing, transit fare equity, converting garages to create more affordable housing, and the policy implications of being car-free versus car-less.

Anne’s 2018 Doctoral Dissertation “Ridehail Revolution: Ridehail Travel and Equity in Los Angeles” was awarded the Barclay Gibbs Jones Award for best dissertation in Urban Planning by the Association of Collegiate Schools in Planning and the Charley V. Wootan Memorial Award for the best dissertation in Transportation by the Council of University Transportation Centers. Anne holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning and PhD in Urban Planning from UCLA.

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