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Sabrina Ortiz


Sabrina is a practicing full-time architectural designer at Overland Partners in San Antonio, TX and is a pro-tem researcher with the Urbanism Next Center at the University of Oregon. She holds an M.Arch with a specialization in Urban Design from the University of Oregon and a BS in Architectural Studies from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Sabrina believes that the future of architecture and urban design involves a multidisciplinary approach centered around human experience and biological need. To that end, her graduate work explored multidisciplinary collaboration multidisciplinary collaboration in place-making through a series of design and research projects, including a 2019 AIA COTE Top Ten For Students winning entry, a published article in the Source Magazine, and a presentation at the Urban Ecosystem Research Consortium in Portland. Since joining Overland, Sabrina has belonged to the Visitor Experience area and is passionate about working with her team to design spaces that create seamless transitions between nature and the built environment. She is committed to continue evolving as a designer by developing stronger relationships with other disciplines in order to create integrated designs that will help us thrive socially, environmentally, and economically.

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