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Thomas Gotschi, PhD

Urbanism Next Researcher

Dr. Thomas Gotschi is an internationally recognized expert in sustainable transportation research with a focus on active transportation and health impact assessments. He specializes in issues around data collection and quantitative methods. In over ten years of research, he has worked on and led a diversity of projects, including developments of data collection apps and tools, innovative travel survey designs, analysis of travel behavior data, and modeling travel related impacts on carbon emissions and health. Recent projects include Physical Activity through Sustainable TransportApproaches (PASTA), a travel and health survey in over 10,000 Europeans; WorldHealth Organization's (WHO) online impact calculator Health Economic AssessmentTool for walking and cycling (HEAT); Mobility in Switzerland (MOBIS), an experiment on mobility pricing in over 3,000 subjects using smartphone tracking data, and E-biking in Switzerland (EBIS), a study on carbon emission reductions through ebiking; and SALURBAL, a project on urban health in Latin America.

Dr. Gotschi is an environmental scientist (MS) and epidemiologist (PhD) bytraining. He is currently affiliated with the University of Oregon and theUniversity of California, Berkeley, and works as a consultant for the WHO.

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