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Urbanism Next conducts research and convenes partners from around the globe to build shared understandings of the effects of emerging technologies. Going beyond the technologies themselves, we explore the possible future implications for cities, people, and communities to inform better decision-making today.

What we do

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Conduct research

  • Develop research agendas with public and private sector partners
  • Research the secondary impacts of emerging technologies
  • Research and analyze the range of options to address secondary impacts to maximize benefits and minimize negative impacts
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Create a national network

  • Connect with national, statewide, and regional experts on the impacts of emerging technologies
  • Work with network partners on research, funding, and outreach
  • Convene network members
  • Provide value to network partners
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Communicate what we know

  • Conduct outreach events to present research at the local, state, and national level  
  • Distribute information online and through academic and professional print outlets
  • Build awareness of issues among professionals, researchers, decision-makers, and the public
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Inform decision making

  • Analyze policy options
  • Present research and policy options to decision-makers
  • Convene pertinent policy making entities
  • Participate in policy discussions

Our publications

Fact Sheet – Micromobility
Fact Sheet
Urbanism Next

This is a fact sheet suitable for use as a printed handout on Urbanism Next's topline research findings regarding micromobility.

Fact Sheet – Transportation Network Companies (TNCs)
Fact Sheet
Urbanism Next

This is a fact sheet suitable for use as a printed handout on Urbanism Next's topline research findings regarding TNCs.

Urbanism Next Framework
Report – Academic
Urbanism Next

This framework provides an overview of the work Urbanism Next does and how we approach our research.

Emerging Technologies and Cities: Assessing the Impacts of New Mobility on Cities
Report – Academic
Becky Steckler
Urbanism Next

The purpose of this report is to analyze potential impacts and offer recommendations for the cities of Gresham and Eugene, OR, to understand the potential impacts of new mobility technologies – with an emphasis on autonomous vehicles (AVs) – and prepare a policy and programmatic response. While Gresham and Eugene are case studies, it provides mid-sized communities information on how new mobility services could impact their communities and what they can do about it, from broad strategies to specific policy responses. While this work focuses on the various new mobility and goods delivery services that currently exist, the framework that is discussed here is also applicable to emerging technologies that haven’t yet been introduced, such as autonomous vehicles (AVs).