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An AV for Everyone: Shared Mobility and Equity

March 6, 2018 1:30 PM
5:30 pm

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The first generation of AVs to hit our streets will likely be in shared fleets operated by Uber, Lyft, and other private companies, and many see a future where most AVs are shared rather than individually owned. However, many people face significant barriers—including high costs, the digital divide, mobility issues, language and cultural barriers, limited access to banking, and lack of documentation—to using shared services. At this session, representatives from community groups, private companies, research institutions, and the public sector who have tested or studied how to overcome the equity issues surrounding shared mobility will give brief presentations on their findings. We will then lead breakout groups to discuss the policy changes, service models, and design solutions that are needed to ensure that shared AVs work for everyone, using the Cully neighborhood in Northeast Portland, which recently hosted a shared-fleet electric vehicle pilot, as a case study. Participants will learn about the many different equity considerations surrounding shared mobility and equity, hear how communities in the Portland region and around the U.S. have tackled these barriers, and explore solutions together with planners, mobility companies, community groups, and equity advocates.

Eliot Rose
Senior Technology Strategist
Vivian Satterfield
Deputy Director
Zach Henkin
Deputy Director
Aaron Golub
PhD, Associate Professor
Portland State University
Ingrid Fish
Electric Vehicle Policy Lead
Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability
Tim Navarrette
Community Manager

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