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Streets, Sidewalks, Stoops: Propellers, Wheels, and Batteries

March 5, 2018 3:30 PM
5:00 pm


Public street infrastructure designed yesterday for private cars, bicycles, and pedestrians never anticipated today’s—let alone tomorrow’s—broadening mobility spectrum. Our rapid transition to electric propulsion, ubiquitous dockless bikeshare, and autonomous goods delivery by deliverybots and drones creates unprecedented challenges and opportunities. Now is our chance to reinvent our roads, trails, parking strips, and sidewalks in ways that will redefine cities. How can “Complete Streets” be optimized to accommodate an economy transitioning from private cars and brick and mortar to multi-modal shared mobility and personalized goods delivery?

Mike Usen
AICP, Senior Transportationi and Environmental Planner
DKS Associates
Lisa Nisenson
VP for New Mobility & Connected Communities
Wantman Group (WGI)
Gabriel Scheer
Director of Strategic Development
Kelly Rula
New Mobility, Climate, and Urban Freight
Seattle Department of Transportation
Adrian Pearmine
Mobility & Location-Based Services Manager
David Catania
Head of Public Affairs
Starship Technologies


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