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Navigating Regulatory Potholes Impacting Technology and Mobility

March 6, 2018 8:30 AM
10:00 am

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This session provides an informed discussion of the unique legal, policy, and regulatory challenges associated with autonomous mobility. Speakers will provide a strategic overview of federal and state regulations around emerging transportation technologies, consider critical policy and legal issues, and discuss infrastructure build-out and promotion of regional coordination around the adoption of transportation technologies. An update on federal grant and partnership opportunities will also be provided. By attending this session, participants will have a better grasp of the fast-moving status of federal regulatory issues related to safety, promoting neutral technology, privacy, cybersecurity, insurance, and roles and responsibilities among federal, state, and local agencies. Conference goers will also hear a discussion on the larger ethical, equity, liability, and public trust issues related to emerging transportation technologies, including on-demand mobility and automated and connected vehicles, supporting infrastructure needs, and regional coordination with public transportation policies and projects. This session will identify opportunities for collaboration to ensure the long-term success of emerging transportation technologies and will summarize conversations with the public and private sector from the @MobilityPodcast hosted by the session presenters.

Gregory Rodriguez
Best Best & Krieger
Greg Rogers
Policy Analyst/Assistant Editor
Eno Center for Transportation
Pete Gould
Shared Mobility Strategies LLC

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