Approaching autonomous shuttle pilot programs in public transportation

Approaching autonomous shuttle pilot programs in public transportation

"This report addresses the need for knowledge by providing practical considerations of essential pilot program elements. To assist transit agencies, this report illustrates previously executed autonomous shuttle pilot programs, identifies the core elements of a pilot program, and discusses the relationship between elements. To accomplish these tasks, this report reviews nine European autonomous shuttle pilot programs, literature surrounding the topic, and interviews key personnel associated with the pilot programs. The results of this research help transit agencies make informed decisions about approaching autonomous shuttle pilot programs in public transportation."

Key findings

The recommendation from the author include making sure all systems are ADA certified.

"Phasing is important for transit agencies because an autonomous shuttle needs to accumulate with its surrounding and be tested with different variables before it can begin transporting passengers. Transit agencies need to plan for a long testing phase to ensure safety for its passengers and other road users."

Transit agencies should put focus of proving that this emerging system would complement and improve already existing systems

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