Autonomous Vehicles and Autonomous Driving in Freight Transport

Autonomous Vehicles and Autonomous Driving in Freight Transport

"This chapter firstly approaches these questions from the historical perspective of in-house logistics, as this provides a clear understanding of companies’ motivations for implementing driverless transport systems and the individual experience of company decision-makers’. Using case studies from the field of logistics and freight transport, this chapter will examine current fields of application and, wherever possible, the navigation and safety concept required for autonomous driving as well as control. Moreover, it will outline specific use cases for freight transport."

Key findings

Autonomous technologies have been used for decades, stabilizing rockets and flight drones and planes remotely, but for a greater application of this, it is a greater amount of testing that is needed.

"Starting to introduce autonomous driving in closed transport systems (e.g. transport in system cooperation) and manageable scenarios (e.g. interstate, airport grounds, ports) will help to overcome reluctance concerning the technologies as well as lacking standardization."

To make platooning happen, there has to be a common trust and agreement across all companies. For example, if the first truck in the platoon has a driver, who pays for that person to be there?

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