Bike Share in the U.S.: 2017

Bike Share in the U.S.: 2017

NACTO studied the data from all available sources about docked and dockless bike share systems. They found that docked bike share systems show steady growth, while dockless bike share systems are more volatile.

Key findings

The number of bike share bikes in the U.S. went from 42,500 at the end of 2016 to 100,000 bikes at the end of 2017. Most of that increase came from new dockless bikes.

By the end of 2017, dockless bikes accounted for 44% of bike share bikes in the U.S. However, dockless bike trips accounted for only 4% of bike share bike trips taken in 2017.

32% of cities with station-based bike share systems have an income-based discount program. This number rose 33% from 2016. These programs attempt to make ridership more affordable for a wide range of people.

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