Cargo Challenge

Cargo Challenge

Modal race between different freight transport modes, which must include at least one cargo bike or trike. An origin, destination, time of the day and cargo weight are set. Each participant loads the cargo and starts travelling at the same time. Each one must carry a chronometer and there will be independent supervisors timing the participants as well. When arriving at the set destination, travel time is recorded for each participant and compared. Modelling costs, pollutant and GHG emissions, as well as predicted travel time, is useful to show additional benefits of using micromobility for freight transport. Using mobile apps to show positions in real time and streaming can also help the activity be more engaging and attractive.

Key findings


Demonstrate that there are better and more sustainable options for in-city freight transport, which can transport the necessary load in less time and with lower impacts on congestion, road safety and pollutant emissions.

Key resources:

  • Cargo bike or bikes
  • Motorised cargo vehicles to compare
  • Chronometres
  • (Optional) Mobile phones with GPS

How to find an opportunity?

Large events, such as conferences or fairs,  are a great opportunity to bring attention to this. Engaging the private sector is key.

How to get feedback?

Consult the participants on their experience travelling.

Consult with private sector actors who might benefit from micromobility freight transport and question how likely are they to change their freight transport after the challenge

Case study: Bogotá

Results and impacts: 

  • The cargo e-bike proved to be the fastest mode overall, winning the race
  • The regular cargo bike was second
  • The activity showed motorised travel is not the best option for short distances and in-city freight transport
  • Participants and attendants got to know different options for freight transport aside from traditional motorised vehicles

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