Community & Transportation Preferences Survey

Community & Transportation Preferences Survey

A survey of adults in the U.S. found that there are generational differences in travel preferences.

Key findings

"Only 71% of Millennials like driving (the lowest of any generation), while 83% of them like walking. This 12 point gap is wider than any other generation. The gap for Baby Boomers is 2 points."

"Millennials use transit much more than other generations (40% took transit in the last month compared to 28% for Gen X, 19% for Baby Boomers, and 8% for Silent Generation)"

"Maintaining and repairing roadways and bridges is the top transportation priority for metro area adults, with 83% indicating it’s a high or extremely high priority. This far exceeded the next priority: expanding roads to help reduce congestion (60% high or extremely high)."

"When choosing a new home, respondents want transportation choices. 85% said that sidewalks were important, followed by easy access to the highway (82%) and being within an easy walk of places (79%)."

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