Don't Enact a 'Lazy' Ride-Hailing Tax

Don't Enact a 'Lazy' Ride-Hailing Tax

The former mayor of Portland, Oregon, outlines what a smart ride-hailing tax looks like for American cities. He discusses how the City should price the TNCs and other shared mobility to ensure the urban equity and affordability goal. He provided six ideas for the full-benefits of a tiered ride-hailing tax and addresses likely downsides.

Key findings

When autonomous vehicles arrive and driverless ride-hailing takes over, this new service—if left unchecked—could accelerate urban inequity, deepen the affordability crisis in central cities, and speed suburban sprawl.

A tax is “lazy” if it basically just collects and spends revenue, when it could do much more good for cities.

With ride-hailing services, many cities do have the legal ability to establish taxes and regulations, either on their own or in partnership with state legislature

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