Forget Drones, Here Come Delivery Robots

Forget Drones, Here Come Delivery Robots

Flying delivery drones are meeting regulatory roadblocks and some companies are turning to small robots that make deliveries, by travelling on sidewalks, as a safer and more efficient alternative.

Key findings

"The robots can detect obstacles, change speed, and stop to cross the streets, the company said. If things go wrong, human operators can take over the steering, viewing the world through the robot's "eyes." The machines are equipped with microphones and speakers and can talk to humans they meet. They are meant for a suburban environment, rather than busy city streets."

"Customers will be able to gain access to the vehicles to collect their parcels or groceries through a mobile app. The robots are equipped with GPS tracker and lock to prevent thefts."

"The battery-powered robots need less energy than most light bulbs, and are capable of delivering the equivalent of two grocery bags within 5-30 minutes from a local hub or store, 10 to 15 times cheaper than the current delivery alternatives."

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