Go Centennial Final Report

Go Centennial Final Report

The Go Centennial pilot was the first pilot project in the country where a government or transit agency fully subsidized first and last-mile rides provided by a transportation network company (in this case Lyft). The Go Centennial pilot was launched in Centennial, Colorado on August 2016 and ran for six months until February 2017. This final report is one of the most comprehensive evaluations of a TNC partnership pilot, and details the goals, preexisting conditions, and procurement and design of the pilot. The report concludes with a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the pilot and a set of lessons learned and key takeaways.

Key findings

Compared  to Centennial's call-n-ride service, this program resulted in a 95% reduction  in wait time for customers and a 78% reduction in total cost for the city.

Ridership  at the transit station included in the pilot increased by 11.6% over the  pilot period, which was a larger increase than other stations in the area  that were not in the pilot area.

Some of  the short comings of the pilot include: lack of integration with the  fixed-route transit system, insufficient marketing, unclear pick-up and  drop-off locations, too short pilot duration, and too small service area and  hours.

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