Mobility Hub Features Catalog

Mobility Hub Features Catalog

"This Mobility Hub Features Catalog is a resource for regional agencies, local jurisdictions, transit operators, and private service providers as they collaborate to design and implement mobility hubs around the region. It describes the kinds of services, amenities, and technologies that can work together to make it easier for people to connect to transit, while also providing them with more transportation options overall. These mobility hub features may include various transit station improvements such as enhanced waiting areas with landscaping and lighting, complimentary WiFi and real-time travel information; wider sidewalks, pedestrian lighting and trees for shade; bike paths, designated bike lanes, and bike parking options; dedicated bus lanes and supporting signal improvements; service facilities for shared cars, scooters, and electric vehicles; smart parking technology; and more. Each feature can be tailored to the unique needs of an individual community."

Key findings

Enhanced transit waiting areas and loading zones provide safe, comfortable places for riders to wait for their transit mode. Allowing them access to also see in real time when their ride is coming can reduce waiting periods and increase ridership numbers.

Walking environments are important to people walking to or from their transit stop. Providing safe, attractive walkways and crossings can provide important support to individuals throughout their commute.

Providing safe, convenient bike parking can help in mode decision making processes.

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