Modeling Future Street Options in an AV Future Using Restreet

Modeling Future Street Options in an AV Future Using Restreet

This is an exercise that deconstructs an urban and a suburban streetscape using the participatory design tool. Restreet was created by William Riggs, Mike Boswell and Ryder Ross in 2016 as a code fork from the Code for America project Streetmix. The idea was to democratize the way we plan streets and synthesize that data for policy and decision-making. The streets depicted show right-of-way needs eroding due to the prevalence of autonomous vehicles creating efficiency or the policy decision to do so in advance of their adoption. The final two slides show the submissions from the over 6,000 users since September and the related summary statistics. All suggest that policy that supports traffic calming and lane reductions to support multimodal transportation might be appropriate in the immediate future.

Key findings

Restreet allows you to recreate streets, share them and capture the feedback from others.

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