Rochester Destination Medical Center: District Design Guidelines

Rochester Destination Medical Center: District Design Guidelines

With Mayo Clinic defining its landscape, Rochester has always been a place where health is front-and-center. But a primary goal for the Destination Medical Center is to transform Rochester into America’s City for Health where residents and visitors will, literally, walk the walk when it comes to wellness. The Design Guidelines that the Design Center at the University of Minnesota has developed with the staff of the City of Rochester and the Destination Medical Center show, in very specific and concrete terms, how to achieve that goal.

Key findings

Downtown District: 1. Create a Safe, Inviting and Connected Public Realm, 2. Enhance Connections to Nature and Natural Systems, 3. Establish District and Sub-district Identity,  4. Strengthen Gateways, 5. Establish Signature Open Spaces, 6. Reuse and Restore Buildings, 7. Infuse the City with Public Art, 8. Develop Mixed-Use Neighborhoods, 9. Promote Urban Agriculture, 10. Create District Parking, 11. Create Sustainable Community Infrastructure, 12. Create a Healthy Community

Streets and Corridors: 1. Design Multi-modal Streets Prioritizing Pedestrians First, 2. Design Streets to Accommodate Bicycles, 3. Design Streets to Accommodate Mass Transit, 4. Design Safe Efficient Roadways, 5. Design Safe Multimodal Intersections, 6. Establish the Urban Forest, 7. Develop Sustainable Water Management Strategies, 8. Design Smart Streets, 9. Design Streets with Flexibility and Adaptability for Future Uses, 10. Connect Streets, Skyway, Subway Levels

Individual Sites and Buildings: 1. Design Buildings to Establish Sense of Urban Enclosure, 2. Design Tall Buildings to Preserve Sunlight, Comfort and Views, 3. Promote Quality and Permanence in Development, 4. Design for Coherency, 5. Contribute to a Vibrant Landscape, 6. Design for Flexibility and Adaptability for Future Use, 7. Create Spaces for Collaboration, 8. Meet Sustainable and Healthy Building Design Standards, 9. Connect to District Systems, 10. Design Roofs for Visual Impact and Sustainability, 11. Design Parking Structures to Enhance Pedestrian Realm, 12. Make Parking Structures Adaptable to Future Uses

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