Sacramento RT and Micromobility Integration

Sacramento RT and Micromobility Integration

"Sacramento Regional Transit District (SacRT) has adopted a groundbreaking micromobility strategy to address the “first mile/last mile problem.” The agency has partnered with JUMP, an electric micromobility provider, to offer on-demand access to and from light rail stations."

Key findings

They have installed charging bays inside light rail stations to allow commuters to park e-bikes within the station to charge while docked, that commuters can then unlock and use on their return trip to their final destination.

Light rail ridership in Sacramento has risen over 18% year-over-year which SacRT attributes in part to the micromobility charging program.

"SacRT installed the first charging bay in September 2018 and has now expanded it to seven stations, where a total of 68 e-bikes can be docked and charged."

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