Stationless Bikeshare Mid-Pilot Evaluation

Stationless Bikeshare Mid-Pilot Evaluation

"This document provides an interim evaluation of the SFMTA’s Stationless Bikeshare Pilot Program, approximately 9 months after the start of the 18-month pilot period. The evaluation shows that the JUMP bikeshare system is generally performing well and complies with the terms and conditions set forth by the SFMTA. The evaluation also identifies several potential improvements. Based on this evaluation, the SFMTA recommends expanding the maximum fleet size for JUMP to 500 bikes for the duration of the 18- month pilot period. The SFMTA will complete its full evaluation of the pilot program in spring 2019, including recommendations for if and how to permanently permit the operation of stationless bikeshare in San Francisco."

Key findings

After conducting this mid-way evaluation report, the transit agency decided to increase the number of bikes allowed; from 350 to 500.

Users on the low-income plan rode the bikes an average of 6.5 times per week while users who pay the regular per-ride rates averaged 2.5 rides per week.

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