The Massive Global Logistics Machine Behind Amazon Prime Day

The Massive Global Logistics Machine Behind Amazon Prime Day

Amazon’s shipping network has been increasing rapidly over the past decade which has led to severe working conditions for their thousands of employees around the world, especially during events like “Prime Day.”

Key findings

Amazon employed over 647,000 workers worldwide as of Q1 2019, which is up from just 33,000 employees in 2010 and 341,400 in 2016.

“Amazon has at least 21 million square meters of logistics space worldwide. The vast majority of fulfillment centers—466 of them—are located in the US, followed by 141 in India, 96 in the UK, and many dozens mores cattered across Asia, Europe, and beyond.”

“No matter how much automation and robots are at work within these cavernous warehouses, human workers regularly work to the point of exhaustion to fulfill those Prime orders on time.”

“Amazon has notoriously used aggressive anti-union tactics to discourage employee organization for better working conditions.”

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