Transit and Emerging Technologies

Transit and  Emerging Technologies

Automation of personal and transit vehicles will change the vehicles themselves, but also the right-of-way that governs their use. These changes bring an opportunity to improve transit systems. High capacity transit must become a more attractive mode of transit in order to remain competitive with personal and shared vehicles.

Key findings

"Transit agencies, working with other partners and stakeholders, especially City agencies that operate the right-of-way, must use technology to make high-capacity transit a more attractive mode."

"Priorities for preparing for emerging mobility should include: dedicating road spaces to high-capacity transit, leveraging automation to improve the transit experience, recognizing the growing competition for travel options and striving to compete on the agency's strengths, pursuing partnerships only when and where they directly match the agency's existing policy priorities and service needs and performance toward such goals can be measured and tracked, and leveraging high-capacity transit stops to make multimodal travel seamless."

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