A Conversation with Donald Shoup: Parking for E-scooters

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A Conversation with Donald Shoup: Parking for E-scooters

As more people make the shift to sustainable mobility options like e-scooters, cities are evolving their transportation infrastructure to combat car dominance and to allow human-scaled modes to thrive. In addition to creating dedicated spaces for people to ride shared micro-mobility devices, this transition also includes creating space for them to park when not in use. To explore how cities should think about parking and micro-mobility, Bird sat down for a conversation with parking expert Donald Shoup.

Key findings

If cities plan parking for scooters the way they have planned parking for cars, they will require every building to have ample off-street parking spaces for all scooters everywhere.

The best way to encourage active transportation is to stop subsidizing cars. One way to reduce the subsidies for cars is to charge fair market prices for on-street parking and remove off-street parking requirements.

Cities should carefully measure the productivity of the curb space whether it is used for parked cars, bus lanes, bike stations, scooter spaces, loading zones, and other possible uses like cafés and parks.

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