A Critical Review of New Mobility Services for Urban Transport

A Critical Review of New Mobility Services for Urban Transport

This paper surveys emerging mobility services in order to highlight the key points of the concept of “mobility as a service” and to develop an index that evaluates the level of mobility integration of each service.

Key findings

Mobility as a service is based on three main principles: Ticket & payment integration, packaged or combined mobility services, and an integrated information interface.

Combined ticket and payments systems have been used in cities around the world since 1997 in Hong Kong. The “Octopus card” included a single fare system for the city’s bus, taxi, subway, train, tram and ferry services that allowed users to pass through fare collections points 15% to 20%faster.

The mobility service SHIFT in Las Vegas owns and operates a variety of transportation modes including shuttles buses, bike sharing, car rental and car sharing. The service allows travelers to pre-pay for a monthly pass that combines all modes and charges based on the total amount of time spent traveling.

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