A New Move for Businesses: Electric cycle logistics in European cities

A New Move for Businesses: Electric cycle logistics in European cities

"This document is for city administrations, national policy makers, and anyone considering a move to employ cycle logistics. It outlines the major learning points and success factors, and sets out nine recommendations for the most successful implementation. The project demonstrated that e-bikes were popular, efficient, reliable and – above all – saved money compared to the motorized alternative. Most of the participants were so impressed, they are continuing or expanding their use of e-bikes, after the project end-point."

Key findings

"The PRO-E-BIKE pilots showed that in most of the trial settings, e-bikes and e-scooters were a genuinely competitive alternative to motorized vehicles in delivery services."

"The project experience shows that, even though the current technology is still being refined, in dense urban areas e-bikes can outperform fossil fuel vehicles, especially if they are supported by cities through appropriate policies and measures."

"PRO-E-BIKE has demonstrated that cycle logistics forms an integral part of city mobility. It should be an automatic element in policies and strategies not only for mobility, but also for urban planning, energy and environment."

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