Car-Sharing: Where and How it Succeeds

Car-Sharing: Where and How it Succeeds

TCRP Report 108 presents the research team’s findings on the: Current and potential roles of car-sharing in enhancing mobility as part of the transportation system; Characteristics of car-sharing members and neighborhoods where car-sharing has been established; Environmental, economic, and social impacts of car-sharing; Ways in which partner organizations have tried to promote car-sharing; Barriers to car-sharing and ways to mitigate these barriers; and Procurement methods and evaluation techniques for achieving car-sharing goals.

Key findings

Car-sharing companies have seen success on college campuses within cities that have higher parking pressure. Universities offer subsidies to students and staff that part take in the program to alleviate cost pressure.

Car-sharing provides services that are helpful to conquer last-mile issues.

A decrease in vehicle ownership and need could drastically change our need for parking spaces. Allowing for redevelopment of parking infrastructure.

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