Carsharing: A Vehicle for Sustainable Mobility in Emerging Markets?

Carsharing: A Vehicle for Sustainable Mobility in Emerging Markets?

"WRI’s research provides initial findings regarding the feasibility and impact of carsharing in emerging markets, though many uncertainties remain. Limitations of the study include a light methodology that only scratched the surface of these important issues, and uncertain transferability from Hangzhou and Bangalore. In addition, the relative absence of carsharing (and research on carsharing) in emerging markets limits the extent to which observations can be interpreted and extrapolated. That said, this study provides important early findings on the current industry, barriers, and service features; and suggests significant potential for carsharing in emerging markets. The results could help inform more in-depth research, operational approaches, and public policy."

Key findings

Market interest seems strong in some areas and may not in others.

In Hangzhou car sharing may slow the process of purchasing vehicles and adding them to the roads.

Car sharing could lead to an environmentally more sustainable market.

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