City of Summit and Lyft partnership, Summit, New Jersey, 2017

City of Summit and Lyft partnership, Summit, New Jersey, 2017

The City of Summit, New Jersey partnered with Lyft to reduce commuter need for parking within the city. This partnership expands on a previous partnership with Uber, extending the program for one year. The goal of the partnership is to provide greater flexibility for residents and reduce municipal lot congestion.

Key findings

"Through this program, as of December 4, 200 commuters can book rides to and from the New Jersey Transit Summit Station, from 5am to 11pm on weekdays, via the Lyft app."

"Enrolled participants with prepaid parking permits are eligible for free rides and those without prepaid parking are eligible for $2 rides (since the cost of daily parking is $4). Users can book rides up to seven days in advance."

The partnership was updated in 2019 to "extend the program to include within-service-area trips to up to 50 residents, to and from the downtown business district. The door-to-door service operates Monday through Friday between 5 AM and 11 PM and the fare will be equivalent to the daily parking fee, downtown."

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