Data Makes MaaS Happen - MaaS Alliance Vision Paper on Data

Data Makes MaaS Happen - MaaS Alliance Vision Paper on Data

This resource describes the role of data in making mobility as a service (MaaS) effective. It describes why MaaS is valuable and demonstrates several use cases for MaaS data, explaining why access to certain types of data is important. It also explains existing barriers to data access, and gives recommendations for moving toward access of that data.

Key findings

"Anonymised user data gathered by mobility service providers and MaaS operators (on travel patterns, mobility mix, etc.) is valuable for everyone within the MaaS ecosystem.This data improves, for instance, service providers’ capabilities to identify gaps and opportunities in matching end-user needs and to better manage fleet distribution."

"Regulation prompting public transport operators to open their traffic-related data to trusted third parties (and vice versa) would support the development of the advanced mobility services...The most urgent step to take would be to ensure the access to data/information in digital, machine-readable, non-proprietary format. A survey of the datasets relevant to transport and to MaaS-related services should be conducted, with commitment to quickly and seamlessly fill existing gaps in service-related data."

"The first precondition for an emergence and integration of various transports services is the availability of relevant data sets in digital, machine readable, non-proprietary readable format. In order to build real multiplayer, multi-option market platforms the service providers should provide each other access to essential information in digital format, including routes, timetables, stops, prices and accessibility information. Further on, ticketing and reservation system interfaces should be accessible for other service providers."

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