Dynamic Ride-share, Car-share and Bike-share and State-Level Mobility

Dynamic Ride-share, Car-share and Bike-share and State-Level Mobility

Texas is one of the fastest growing states in the nation, and its growth is expected to continue, supported by diversity in its economy, geography, and population. The challenge of prioritizing limited resources in this environment requires a proactive approach to travel demand management. This project provides guidance for TxDOT in its planning and mobility efforts and in understanding the viability of various alternative mobility programs.This report describes research of best practices and lessons learned from mobility programs. The research describes executive interviews, focus groups, and surveys to obtain details and document perspectives of the varying stakeholder groups. The research produced a guidebook that will aid TxDOT in determining how to best identify and implement alternative mobility programs in a given region as part of its planning and mobility efforts.

Key findings

Supporting ride-share programs hopes to reduce single occupancy vehicle usage.

Many ride-sharing programs are already working towards multimodal programs to help expand transportation options and connection through one location or app-based product.

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