Electric Bus Analysis for New York City Transit

Electric Bus Analysis for New York City Transit

NYC Transit and MTA bus have a combined fleet of about 5,700 buses for public transportation in New York City. The fleet currently consists of a mix of diesel, hybrid diesel and CNG (compressed natural gas) buses. Electric buses have vastly lower greenhouse gas(GHG) emissions than the current fleet. The MTA will have challenges associated with a changeover to electric buses, but effective planning can make the change nearly invisible to customers. The recommendation of this analysis is that New York City should begin taking steps to convert the bus fleet to all electric.

Key findings

Battery powered buses are at a level 7 out of 9 on a readiness scale. Over time prices should drop and they should be made to be more fleet ready.

The price of the battery is included as a replacement for fuel costs and therefore after a certain period there should be a return on investment and payback period.

Cities are recommended to lease the batteries as they are not  clear how long the battery life is.

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