Integrated Mobility: Implementation Toolbox

Integrated Mobility: Implementation Toolbox

This report outlines examples of integrated mobility initiatives that can help guide transit agencies in determining ways to move toward more integrated mobility.

Key findings

The most important key to success is to focus on the user. “Place the user at the center of the discussion. Understand and meet the user’s needs. Consult as needed. Ultimately, the success of any initiative depends on user adoption and opinion, and it is therefore critical to provide solutions that meet users’ needs.”

It is also important to “define goals and objectives at all levels of the agency. Before any work is done, transit agencies must clearly define the focus and intent of their work. This is essential to ensure that all parties are working towards the same ultimate objective, and that all initiatives work together to achieve a unified objective. Goal-setting should be completed with participation from all levels of the agency. Management must be “on board” to provide support and direction.”

Transit agencies should also “encourage innovation beyond the comfort zone. The “we’ve always done it this way” attitude will not work. Moving forward requires new ideas and changed policies. Transit agencies must accept this and embrace getting out of their comfort zone before beginning to discuss potential initiatives.”

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