NYC extends cap on Uber, for-hire vehicles and adds a ‘cruising cap’

NYC extends cap on Uber, for-hire vehicles and adds a ‘cruising cap’

New York City’s cap on the number of for-hire vehicles that can operate on its streets will continue—and a new provision will, in theory, limit the amount of time FHVs can spend idling without passengers.

Key findings

NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission (TLC) voted unanimously to extend the original limitation on the number of licenses that can be issued; there are around 120,000 in use currently, more than double the number of licenses that had been issued five years ago.

According to the TLC, 41 percent of the time FHVs are on the road is spent idling; under the new provision, app companies will need to reduce that number to 36 percent within six months, and to 31 percent within a year.

An analysis conducted by New York City found that, 'In Manhattan, FHVs now make up nearly 30% of all traffic, confirming that reductions in FHV-related traffic could meaningfully impact overall traffic conditions.'

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