Renewable City Strategy

Renewable City Strategy

The Renewable City Strategy sets the direction for Vancouver to achieve its 100% renewable energy goal. It is not intended to be a detailed roadmap or technology guide, but instead is a foundation for more detailed planning and budgeting. Project and technology support that result from the Renewable City Strategy will be assessed to ensure that the route followed is technically, economically and socially responsible. The Renewable City Strategy proposes a viable route to using 100% renewable energy—it is not the only route to that success.

Key findings

The renewable energy goals target not only using 100% renewable energies by 2050, but also by respecting the resources used.

Recognizing the City can't do it all alone, they will plan and build partnerships with private firms and charitable foundations to make sure they can provide the best services at the best cost to city residents.

Structural, community changes are going to lead to the success of the City and its renewable strategy.

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