Rethinking the Street in an Era of Driverless Cars

Rethinking the Street in an Era of Driverless Cars

This policy paper focuses on the primary concept of the street as space that can be repurposed – real estate that can be allocated in similar or different ways than done currently. Cities generally refer to this publicly owned and regulated space from one side of the street to the other as the right of way (ROW). Our focus is on the centrality of the ROW in dictating many other community functions and values – transportation and otherwise. And our particular bias is to focus on the opportunities that AV technology is likely to create to rethink how the ROW is allocated, so that our communities can meet their substantial and unique environmental, social, and economic challenges.

Key findings

AVs will free up space, we need to reallocate it back to the people.

Reduce width of laves to 8 ft, AVs will be more streamlined and wont have the need for it all.

Residential neighborhoods are over-allocated to the vehicle.

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