Robotic Garages to Invade S.F.

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Robotic Garages to Invade S.F.

Robotic parking will be an amenity starting in high-end buildings and becoming standard, like radios in cars, predicts local landlord Brian Veit.

Key findings

Parking can create a problem for developers since space devoted to parking can't be rent or sold.

Boomerang's modular system works as such: The user is parked as soon as they pull into the bay. They can wait in a well-lit lobby while their car is retrieved. And an app displays wait time (just like Uber) so they can be productive in the interim. No valet ever touches their car.

CEO Mark Patterson (who formerly oversaw Merrill Lynch's real estate principal investing activities) thinks automated parking will be the biggest development in real estate since the elevator. Some days kids will think its weird that we used to drive around inside buildings.

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