Safer Roads with Automated Vehicles?

Safer Roads with Automated Vehicles?

Increasing automation of vehicles presents may unknowns and concerns, the most important being safety, both in terms of road safety and cyber security. This report examines how these safety concerns will need to be addressed with emerging autonomous technologies by applying the principles of the "Safe System."

Key findings

"The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that in 2013, 1.25 million people died worldwide as an effect of road accidents and up to 50 million people yearly are injured in road crashes."

"Numerous studies undertaking post-crash analysis of contributory factors have indicated that the vast majority of fata lvehicular crashes are linked to driver error – upwards of 90% of all fatal crashes."

"Many crashes that involve human error also involve other factors that may have still led to a crash even if the human had not committed an error in judgement or misperception. Errors linked to poor roadway design (e.g. roads designed for lower speeds than legally allowed, confusing junction design, etc.) or faulty vehicle and interface design (confusing display or interfaces or visual obstruction) are often attributed to human causes when they are, in fact, design-induced errors."

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