Shared Mobility Comprehensive Guide 2018 by Movmi

Shared Mobility Comprehensive Guide 2018 by Movmi

This resource includes a comprehensive overview of several types of shared mobility. The key modes reviewed include: car sharing, peer-to-peer carsharing, bike sharing, carpooling/ride sharing, and ride hailing.

Key findings

"The car sharing industry is predicted to have double-digit growth (34.8%) year-over-year that will reach 16.5 billion USD in projected revenue by 2024 (Global Market Insights as taken from Business Insider). Even though the industry is rapidly growing, it is still not fulfilling everyone’s transit needs on a variety of levels whether that’s accommodating to individual’s mobility needs or on a city level. Thus there are two key areas for growth: geographical expansion beyond large cities, and providing more social equity by providing options for demographics that cannot drive."

"The bike sharing industry will continue to grow. Other shared mobility players are looking into the space, such as DiDi (China’s largest ride-hailing company) announced plans to offer bike sharing (CNBC). With the significant growth in investment funds, this further indicates the industry will grow; however, it remains to be seen if dockless bikes will be a feasible business model due to the operational challenges and theft."

"Ride-hailing is expected to grow significantly. Goldman Sachs predicts that by 2030, the ride-hailing industry will be worth $285 billion (Marketwatch). It is unclear who the market leader will be in the long-run and if there will be room for smaller players to compete in local markets. As TNC’s such as Uber and DiDi continue to gain dominance in the ride-hailing market, this also threatens the taxi industry as a whole."

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