This startup wants to tame the chaos of city street parking

This startup wants to tame the chaos of city street parking

CurbFlow is a new startup that is working to map who uses the curb and when. It is using this data to create a system where delivery companies can pay to reserve a parking space.

Key findings

For the three-month pilot, CurbFlow has established nine locations throughout Washington that, based on data from partners like UPS and DoorDash, are the most frequented by commercial delivery drivers. “Ambassa­dors” will be stationed at those locations, recording when those spots are occupied and by whom. Aggregated proprietary data from those businesses will also help inform the city about use of those spaces.

Companies participating in the pilot, which also include some local restaurants and delivery services, will be able to see if those spots are occupied and reserve them in advance for 30-minute slots.

At the end of the pilot, CurbFlow will submit a heat map, showing city officials who’s using those parking spaces and when. Eventually, it would like to charge to use the spot, just like a parking meter. At least some companies seem ready to pay a bit of money to do what is, today, mostly free.

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