Urbanism Next: Reimagining Retail

Urbanism Next: Reimagining Retail

The invention of the internet introduced a new typology to the marketplace, the online retailer. Omnichannel retail strategies - where a retailer operates through both physical locations and online sales - have become a necessity in today’s market.

Key findings

The American retail industry has been continually reshaped by the arrival of new technologies. Widespread use of the automobile shifted retail from local “mom-and-pop” stores to regional department stores, and by the late 20th century, the “big box” retailer had become the industry standard.

E-commerce has steadily grown and is quickly demanding more and more of the market share of retail sales. Estimates indicate that up to 20% of total U.S. sales will be attributed to E-commerce by 2019.

Online retailers are looking to build brick-and-mortar “guideshops” to expand growth and stimulate online sales. “Guideshops” focus on crafting a unique, memorable experience in the store and then encouraging consumers to purchase online.

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