2019 Innovation Portfolio: Transforming Ideas Into Improvements

2019 Innovation Portfolio: Transforming Ideas Into Improvements

This portfolio describes the Unsolicited Proposal process developed by Metro, and describes the range of pilot projects that have been developed through this process. It also highlights key lessons learned from each pilot.

Key findings

"The hope is that UPs continue to give outside perspectives a voice and opportunity to win business, but with greater focus on: moving the needle on the most difficult initiatives and key trends identified in Vision 2028; informing Metro’s agenda as it evolves; and identifying actionable, win-win situations."

"The UP policy allows any entity or Metro employee to submit concepts to Metro for formal evaluation. Once a proposal is submitted, Metro can either decide to implement the proposal through a competitive solicitation or sole source; advance the proposal to the second phase of evaluation by giving and requesting information needed to further develop the project; or decline the proposal. The projects highlighted in this portfolio have advanced in some manner through this process and are organized as such."

"Metro does not need a UP to advance a project or develop and implement an innovative idea; Vendor/Contract Management helps Metro staff procure thousands of mission critical and innovative products and services each year. What makes the UP process notable is where the idea originates and the way in which the project is co-developed by internal and external parties."

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